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Tianjin Skydow Metal Parts Co., Ltd. is dedicated to manufacturing a broad variety of custom designed and manufactured heat sinks including aluminum and copper heat sinks which can meet our customers¡¯ specific requirements and specifications for LED, Lighting, computer and data processing, consumer electronics, power electronics, electric utility, semiconductors, telecommunications, transportation, aerospace and avionics, business machines and devices, injection molding, automotive, renewable energy and energy conversion, medical and test equipment, military equipment(ground, sea, air and space), food service industries and so on.

Tianjin Skydow Metal Parts Co., Ltd. has more than 100 heat sink extrusion profiles for customer's purchase in a small lot quantity. We still have over 200 heatsink extrusion dies to extrude heat sink profiles in sizes ranging from 8mm to 500mm width.

We can also make the OEM extrusion dies extrusion moulds for our customers to extrude the heat sink profiles according to their OEM drawings of the heatsinks.

If the extruded heat sinks can not meet your requirements, we can also make the stacked fin heatsinks, folded fin heat sinks, skived fin heat sinks, soldered fin heatsinks, bonded find heat sinks, pin fin heatsinks, fan heat sinks, stamped heat sinks, die casted heat sinks to meed your specific needs.

Tianjin Skydow Metal Parts Co., Ltd. is the main supplier of aluminum heat sinks and copper heatsinks in Mainland China, and we have been exporting our copper or aluminum heat sinks to Europe, North America, South America, Africa and Asia for more than 8 years. If you want to import heatsinks and please send your email to sales@skydow.com and we believe that we can be your much reliable supplier.

(1) Heat Sink Features

Good quality with competitive prices
Much good thermal performance
Much easier installation and assembly
Much higher heat transfer rate after anodizing
Much fast thermal response
Various shapes and types for heat sinks
No power needed
A wide range of use
Environmentally safe
(2)Heat Sink Applications
IC cooling
LED cooling
PCB cooling
Amplifier cooling
Heat Exchanger
Chipset cooling
Electric Train
Electronics cooling
CPU cooling (CPU cooler)
VGA cooling (VGA cooler)
HDD cooling (HDD cooler)
PC cooling (PC cooler)
PC enclosure cooling
Power supply cooling
Radio base station cooling
Aerospace, satellite and avionics
Business machines and devices
Injection molding thermal solutions
Power Module / RF Module Cooling
Thermal storage solutions
Electric utility industry
Workstation MPU Cooling
Thermoelectric cooling modules (TECM)
Engine and Automotive Industry
Human Body Temperature Control
Medical and test equipment
Other compact Electronic devices
Energy (renewable energy and energy conversion)
Computer and data processing (desktop, laptop, server computer)
Consumer electronics and power electronics
Enclosure cooling (enclosure thermal management solutions)
Transportation thermal management solutions
Heatsinks for industrial appliances cooling
Heat sinks for industrial machine and equipment cooling
Heat sinks for the thermal transfer of electronic components
Heatsinks for the thermal solutions of power module/RF module
Heatsinks in the cooling used in engine and automotive industry
Heat sinks for the heat dissipation of industrial computers
(3) Heat Sink Materials
Aluminum alloy 6063-T5 (other grades and temper upon request)
(4)Heat Sink Width
Heatsink Extrusion width: 5mm to 600mm (other width upon request)
Heatsink Welded width: 10mm to 1200mm (other width upon request)
(5) Heat Sink Height
Heat sink fin height: 1mm to 150mm (other height upon request)
Heatsink total height: 5mm to 160mm(other height upon request)
(6) Heat Sink Length
Cutting length: 5mm to 5800mm (other length upon request)
(7)Heat Sink Processing
Extrusion, cutting, drilling, skiving, milling, soldering, deburring, welding, CNC machining (other processing upon request)
(8)Heat Sink Finish
Polishing, sand blasting, brushing, powder coating, anodizing (other finish upon request)
(9)Heat Sink Colors
Golden, natural, black, green, red, yellow, silver, blue, matt black ( other colors upon request)
(10) Heat Sink Profiles (Shapes and Types) are as follows
(I) Extruded heat sinks
(a) High fin density heatsinks (fin height can be from 1mm to 160mm)
(b) Flatback extruded heatsinks (Flat base extruded heat sinks) (heat sink extrusion width can be from 10mm to 600mm)
(c) Flatback with mounting flange extruded heatsinks (Flat base with mounting flange extruded heat sinks)
(d) Single or double channel extruded heat sinks
(e) Uneven flat back extruded heat sinks
(f) Enclosure or hollow extruded heat sinks
(g) Double sided extruded heat sinks
(h) Center web or shelf extruded heat sinks)
(i) Angulated Fins extruded heat sinks
(j) Roll pin extruded heat sinks
(k) Miscellaneous extruded heat sinks
(II) Stacked fin heat sinks
(III) Folded fin heat sinks
(IV) Skived fin heat sinks
(V) Soldered fin heat sinks
(VI) Bonded fin heat sinks
(XII) Pin fin heat sinks
(VIII) Fan heat sinks
(IX) Stamped heat sinks
(X) Die casted heat sinks
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