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Tianjin Skydow Metal Parts Co., Ltd. is dedicated to providing custom designed and manufactured heat pipe solutions that meet our customers exact needs and specifications in the past 8 years. Our experienced personnel are prepared to help you with a standard heat pipe application, or quickly develop a custom heat pipe design which will meet your requirements and needs and be cost effective to manufacture.

Skydow is the main supplier of copper groove and sintered heat pipes in Mainland China, and we have been exporting our copper groove or sintered heat pipes to Europe, North America, South America, and Asia for more than 8 years. If you want to import heat pipe from China and please send your email to sales@skydow.com and we believe that we will be your much reliable supplier.

1 Brief Introduction

Heat pipe is a closed evaporator-condenser device that can transfer heat much quickly from one point to another, which is normally used to cool the components and modules in LED, Lighting, computer and data processing, consumer electronics and power electronics, electric utility, semiconductors, telecommunications, transportation, aerospace and avionics, business machines and devices, injection molding, automotive, renewable energy and energy conversion, medical and test equipment, military equipment(ground, sea, air and space), food service industries and so on.
2 Heat Pipe Features
No power needed
Maintenance free
Corrosion resistant
Much fast thermal response
High heat transfer rate
Thermal superconductor
A wide range of use
Environmentally safe
Small size and much light weight
Hot and cold workability
Easy drainage of condensation
Reduce overall system size and costs
Pre-cooling and re-heating for free
Various shapes and forms of heat pipe
No need for reheat or desiccant system
Flexible and easy to be bended or flattened
Long-lasting (may well outlast the air conditioning system)
Much high thermal conductivity with very small temperature difference
3 Heat Pipe Applications
LED cooling
CPU cooling
GPU cooling
VGA cooling
HDD cooling
PCB cooling
Power supply cooling
Lighting (outdoors and indoors)
Energy (renewable energy and energy conversion)
Computer and data processing (desktop, notebook, server computer)
Consumer electronics and power electronics
Enclosure cooling (enclosure thermal management solutions)
Transportation thermal management solutions
Radio base station cooling
Aerospace, satellite and avionics
Business machines and devices
Injection molding thermal solutions
Power Module / RF Module Cooling
Heat Exchanger
Thermal storage solutions
Electric Train
Oven / Furnace
Solar System
Food service industries
Electric utility industry
Workstation MPU Cooling
Thermoelectric cooling modules (TECM)
Engine and Automotive Industry
Human Body Temperature Control
Medical and test equipment
Other compact Electronic devices
Scientific instruments
Military equipment (ground, sea, air and space)
4Shapes of Heat Pipe
A L shape
B U shape
C C shape
D S shape
E W shape
F N shape
G G shape
H J shape
I M shape
J V shape
K Z shape
L Straight shape
M Other shape as request
(5 Diameters of Round Heat Pipe
A3mm diameter
(B) 4mm diameter
(C) 5mm diameter
(D) 6mm diameter
(E) 8mm diameter
(F) 10mm diameter
(G) 12mm diameter
(H) Other diameters as request
(6) Thickness and Width of Flat Heat Pipe
Thickness: From 3mm to 14mm, others as request
Width: From 3mm to 14mm, other widths as request
(7) Finish for Heat Pipe
(A) Natural
(B) Passivated
(C) Nickel plated
(D) Other finish as request
(8) Forms of Heat Pipe
(A) Round and Straight
(B) Round and Bended
(C) Flat and Straight
(D) Flat and Bended
(E) Other forms as request
(9) Wick Structures of Heat Pipe
(A) Sintered Powder Metal
(C) Wire Mesh
(E) Other wicks as request
(10) General Characteristics of Heat Pipes
(A)Heat Pipe Material: copper
(B)Working Fluid: Deionized water
(C)Heat Pipe Lengths: From 70mm to 600mm (600mm-2000mm as request)
(D)Typical Heat Pipe Modifications: Flattening and Bending
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