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Aluminum Extrusion is the process of forcing a material through a mask nozzle under high pressure, creating rails with a very detailed, linear, cross section profile. The rails can then be cut into individual slices or pieces or processed further.

The raw material of aluminum is usually cut into logs, heated, and then forced through the mask. Depending on the complexity of the desired cross section profile, relatively long tunnel masks or several mask steps are used. The rails are then cooled, cut, hardened and optionally undergo further post processing or refining steps.

Our high quality and certified aluminum materials, automated extrusion presses, and kevlar handling system provide an ideal environment to develop precision aluminum extrusions.

Simple or complicated shapes, long or short production runs, SKYDOW can provide virtually any aluminium extrusion you require at a quality level that meets your specifications. We have the most extensive tooling selections. We use the most popular 6063 aluminum alloys for heat sinks and radiators applications.

Tianjin Skydow Metal Parts Co., Ltd. is also the main supplier of aluminum extrusion profiles in Mainland China, and we have been exporting the aluminium extrusion profiles to Europe, North America, South America, Asia, and Africa about 10 years. If you want to import aluminum extrusion profiles from Skydow, and please send your email to sales@skydow.com and we can be your much reliable supplier.

(1) The Advantages of Aluminium Extrusions
High quality
Light weight
High performance
Corrosion resistant
Very cost efficient
Short lead-time
Can be welded or soldered
Very complex cross-section within 1 step
Very smooth surface texture without post-processing
Can be used to create large components
(2) The Applications of Aluminium Extrusions
Architectural Sections
Auto motives
Computer cooling
Electric utility industry
Medical and test equipment
Precision turned components
Oil & gas drilling equipments
Railways turned components applications
(3) Aluminium Extrusion Presses
550 ton aluminum extrusion press
1000 ton aluminum extrusion Press
1800 ton aluminum extrusion press
2500 ton aluminum extrusion press
3500 ton aluminum extrusion press
4000 ton aluminum extrusion press
5000 ton aluminum extrusion press
(4) Material of Extrusion
Other materials upon request
(5) Aluminium Extrusion Width
from 5mm to 600mm (other widths upon request)
(6) Aluminum Extrusion Height
Fin height from 1mm to 150mm (fin other height upon request)
Total height from 5mm to 160mm (other height upon request)
(7)Aluminium Extrusion Length
from 5mm to 5800mm (other length upon request)
(8) Aluminum Extrusion Profiles
(a) General profile
(b)LED Heat Sink profile
(c) Panel profile
(d) Square profile
(e) Industrial Profile
(f) Mechanical processing profiles
(g) Alumium Enclosure profile
(h) Furniture Profile
(i) Curtain walling profile
(j) Aluminum window profile
(k) Aluminum door profile
(l) Architectural Profile
(m) Cabinet profile
(n) Cylinder profile
(o)Motor shell profile
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